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Bi Party Event  


Will full on the 2nd saturday and the last saturday of every month




Entry Fees

single males £20.00 / single Woman £5.00

Couples £15.00

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  On any Bi Hosted evening event . any one in the venue before the event starts you are welcome to stay for the evening



Forth coming next November 2018


  Evening pass from 5pm to 9pm Monday to Friday only  for £20. valid for that week when the pass is paid for. No roll over into weeks . And can be purchased on or after 5 pm on the day of sale.



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S.L.O.S.H. - Home

 The next Hosted slosh event

will be on saturday the 23 of march



Please note on the last week of every month  the card can,t be used on the Furry Friday evening event .

 Same day Re-Entry Pass.

Apart on Parties evening events days . No Re-entry

passes can be given.